5 Good Things to Look for When Buying A Storage Unit at Auction

Buying a storage unit at an auction is a lost more difficult than it looks. While it may seem easy to watch those guys have at it in Storage Wars, it takes a lot to find the best value for your money.

As a rookie, you need to know what you’re looking at and looking for. So below are the 5 things you should notice while you’re there.

1. Where it will take place.

Where an auction is to take place speaks a lot about what you can find. You’re most likely to find more valuable items in an auction in Los Angles than in Oklahoma. So you need to be keen one where it will go down.

2. How the items are packed.

Clean, well-boxed items can tell you there are good things inside them. Check if these boxes are labeled “Fragile”. Most likely, these are the items that are more valuable than anything else.

3. Check out the corners.

When you’re given a small time to look at the unit just before bidding, check out the corners. Sure the unit can be cramped and piled with so many things but those in the corner may be more fragile and valuable than the others.

4. Quality of the items.

If you have a keen eye, you’ll be able to easily spot if that wooden drawer is of optimum quality or not. It’s highly important that you are knowledgeable with the kinds of materials certain items are made of so you know its worth.

5. Are the boxes open?

Sometimes, there are units that have been tampered with and dug through. You need to check if the boxes are already open and if there are ripped tapes torn from them. You may want to take a step back if the packaged items are no longer sealed.

So remember, be very careful on what to look for when buying a storage unit at an auction. You don’t want to invest on nothing.

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