5 Valuable Items You Can Find In Storage Unit Auctions

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to see any TV shows about storage units. They’ve become quite a trend among viewers so they’re trying to take a piece of the action too.

While it is a lot harder than it looks on TV, efforts do pay off at times. If you get lucky, you may just find one or all five of these valuable items in storage unit auctions.

1. Furniture

Most of the time, wooden furniture is a great find, as long as they’re in mint condition. No matter where you go, furniture will always be of value. It’s one of the most common items you can find in units but make sure not to easily disregard them. Moreover, you can even refurbish it and sell it at a better price.

2. Antiques

Whether it’s a set of antique cutlery or ornaments, antique will always come at a price. The best way to go about this is to seek an expert’s opinion to know just how valuable it really is.

3. Jewelry

It can be quite rare for you to find really great and priced jewelry in storage unit actions. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you’re ever lucky to find a set of diamond luxury, make sure you double check if it’s real or not.

4. Working electronics

If you get lucky, you may just be able to find good working electronics inside a storage unit. It can be a sound system, DVD player, television or refrigerator. Whatever it is as long as it’s functional and looking mint, then you have something there.

5. Collectibles

Whether it’s a set of vintage Marvel comics or never-removed-from box Star Wars figures, these (as long as original and mint) are quite valuable. Just make sure you go to the right person to consult with. Many collectors rave about these collectibles so be very careful.

A keen eye and a bucket of knowledge are essential to spot these valuable items so learn to do your research and experience auctions more to get the best profit possible.

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