A Storage Unit Newbie’s Code of Conduct

As a newbie in the realm of storage unit auctions, there are rules you need to follow. These aren’t your regular guidelines that you can easily bypass because really, the people in this business can be quite unforgiving.

If you’re ready to take this industry seriously, have a look at this rookie’s code of conduct. You’ll need this to play the game like the pros.

1. Don’t ask too many questions.

Sure, some of the pros can be accommodating with your questions but there’s a limit. One or two questions are fine but if you go overboard asking them, especially during a bidding will just totally piss them off.

Try to be a bit more reserved and professional looking. You wouldn’t want to give your beginner vibes away that easy.

2. By all means, leave your children at home.

No one and we mean no one should ever bring his or her kid to an auction. It’s absolutely a pain to have an impatient, annoying and even crying child while everyone else is busy bidding.

You don’t want to lose your concentration at this point. So instead of bringing your kid with you, win a unit and bring home the bacon.

3. Don’t even try to sell or buy items not included in the auction.

There are some cases that newbies would offer to sell or buy items in an auction, separate from what’s inside the units.

People won’t come to a storage unit auction if they’re not interested to buy what’s inside the unit. They did not go there to check out what other bidders bought for them to see.

4. Never horse around.

There are amateur bidders who think it’s hilarious to play others while bidding. They keep on raising the bid and then all of a sudden, bail out for fun.

This is a big no no, so don’t be that guy.

Once you learn this code by heart, it will be a lot easier for you to learn the ins and outs of storage unit auctions.

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