As a storage unit buyer, are you a treasure hunter or a businessperson?

Ever since shows like Auction Hunters and Storage Wars soiled the world of storage units, there’ve been so many curious people who came into play.

With hopes of finding an item that will make you thousands of bucks richer, many have failed to recognize the reality of storage auctions.

What do we mean by this?

The false hopes of easy money

We’ve all seen how the guys from the ‘reality’ shows seem to hit the jackpot all the time. That’s why it’s become more alluring for people to think that storage unit auctions are much of a treasure hunt.

Many venture into it thinking that they can easily land the big bucks. You want the truth? No. X doesn’t always mark the spot in this industry. You need to have the knowledge, skill and experience in order to make or recreate your own treasure.

It’s really about business

Don’t enter the industry if you think you can be a millionaire over night. People who have been doing this long term have lost and earned a lot of money. It took them many years to finally have enough skill to make loads of cash. They are real businesspeople.

These veterans consider a lot of factors every time they enter an auction. Is it going to cost them an entrance fee? Are the items they see sellable or would cost them more with repair than reselling? Does the unit have enough items for them to earn a profit out of their bid and not just get their money back?

The hard truth is you can’t be a pirate seeking gold in this business. You need to take calculated risks in order to survive in such an industry that’s filled with surprises.

So no, don’t believe the shows. Learn from what real life will teach you and you’ll be good to go.

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