Ebay Stores VS Ebay Sellers

eBay is a fantastic marketplace for selling the items you win in storage auctions. As eBay has grown, so have the services that it offers for sellers.

Among these, there’s an eBay store and an eBay seller. They function differently in the site but both have the goal to sell at the best profits possible. So get to learn more about these two elements below.

eBay Seller

An eBay seller is the default option for selling items on eBay. This lists individual items online in auction or “buy it now” style. It uses a singular transaction every time a seller posts an item they want to sell.

You can be selling a pair of shoes, sporting equipments and/or any other goods one at a time.

eBay Store

An eBay store on the other hand, is like a mini website within the main mother eBay website. It’s much like setting up your very own ecommerce store with mostly fixed prices for the items you sell.

You can have a store filled with various shoes, different sporting gear and other goods that are already uploaded in groups.

Which is better?

At one point, some sellers should choose whether or not they would remain with individual listings or invest on a full-fledged store. Truly, it all depends on the seller himself.

You also need to consider how much you’re willing to invest if you’re going to set for such a transition. Thanks to eBay’s Fee Illustrator, you can calculate the fees you may end up paying for either option. Keep in mind to provide accurate answers to the query so you can get the best estimate possible.

If you want to become a real ecommerce practitioner, then by all means set up an eBay store. It will be much more practical, diverse and you heighten your chances of growing your market and profits.

If you don’t really want to manage an entire store and can go for single items being sold once in a while, then it’s not so bad as to stick being an eBay seller.

Whichever path you end up choosing, eBay has a lot of perks and privileges for both sellers and stores. It’s all a matter of knowing how grand the scale of your business is. Just make sure you invest on the best decision possible.

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