How Can You Tell If A Storage Unit Has Been Cherry Picked?

Buying storage units has become a craze all over the country. In fact, since the show Storage Wars was made famous, more and more people from all walks of life wanted a piece of the action.

A lot of storage bidders who have been in the business for years criticize the show for being fake. One of the reasons are the obvious signs of cherry picked storage units. This is not only unethical, but it is illegal.

So just what are the clues to know if that unit’s been tampered with? Here they are.

1. If the boxes are torn on the side.

One of the most obvious signs of cherry picking is that the boxes have been forcefully torn on the side. It’s one way for those tampering to see what’s inside and if anything comes up, they pull it from there.

This is why a sharp eye is essential when going to an auction.

2. If the boxes are open and empty.

Those who are more blatant and aggressive with cherry picking tear open the boxes and open them. Of course, what follows is stealing the valuables if there are any. Considering it’s an illegal act, it’s a rush job so they take what they can get and leave the unit scrambled and messy.

3. If the labels look new.

Even if the items are placed in a storage unit, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be clean. Those boxes that have never been tampered with gather dust along the corners of the tape and the inked labels look older.

A common trend among pickers is that they put in newly labeled boxes that are actually empty. With an untrained eye, it looks as if the unit is well stocked with valuable items.

Cherry picking is a very controversial topic among storage units. As for an honest bidder like you, you need to be very cautious or else it will cost you a lot of money.

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