How to Deal With Negative Feedback on eBay

We all know the cliché, “You can’t please everyone”. Whether it’s a gesture or a gift you got for someone, you can’t always expect them to be happy about it.

Well, it’s much like when you’re a seller on eBay. Even if you’re so convinced that your products and services are off the charts, there will come a time that you’ll be given a negative feedback.

So how exactly do you deal with this without ruining your reputation?

1. Don’t retaliate.

This is practically the best advice anyone can give you. Sure it can be infuriating to see that someone is badmouthing you, even if you feel like you’ve done everything right. So what you need to do is read the feedback and step back. Get as far away from any response tool as you can because it’s just going to get worse.

2. Coordinate with them the next day.

Allow a 24-hour period for both of you to calm down. This lets you clear your thoughts, think more objectively and trace back where something must have gone wrong.

3. Send a Mutual Feedback Withdrawal form.

If in any case you’re able to explain clearly to the buyer what happened and if you’re able to justify that you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s time you can send a mutual feedback withdrawal form.

This allows the buyer to withdraw their negative feedback and for you to have a clean slate already. Note that this is only possible if the feedback is unjustified and you’re able to explain yourself well.

4. Apologize.

If you know in your heart that you did something wrong (lack of details regarding possible defects, shipping issues, etc.), then apologize. Everyone appreciates a humble person and one that can admit their mistakes.

So for you to earn their respect, know when you really screwed up and live up to it.

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