Is the “Storage Wars” TV Show Salting Lockers for Better Television?

Storage Wars is one TV sensation that swept everyone off their feet. Since it aired two years ago and slowly gained popularity, more and more people have engaged themselves with storage unit auctions.

But just how real is this show? Considering the many controversies other bidders have raised after watching a few episodes of the show, it’s about time we highlight the issues that surround it.

David Hester, the star of the show got fired.

We all know David Hester, who probably is the biggest star of the show. Being a professional storage unit hunter/bidder for 25 years, he’s recently been sacked by the A&E network. After discovering that there was a mini car inside a pile of trash among many other “staged” occurrences, Hester says the show is fake. He would’ve been earning $25,000 per episode, apart from all the bonuses he would’ve been in for.

Now what does that tell us?

Tampering and cherry-picking is against the law.

In the real world of storage unit auctions, cherry pickers are punishable by law. It’s illegal to tamper with the items inside without any consent or an local storage auctions going on. It seems like the show doesn’t care either way.

There has been criticism of Storage Wars, with real-life bidders videotaping the lapses of the show. One of which can be watched here:

Entertainment or real life?

It’s nothing new for a network to claim that their show is 100% reality. The fact is people believe that Storage Wars is real and this could be already hurting the real auction industry. We can all agree the show is entertaining but the authenticity is right up the heat of debate.

Now that Hester got fired from saying that the show is fake and many other real-life unit bidders protesting against it, we can only wonder what’s going to happen next.

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