Popular Ways to Locate Storage Unit Auctions

Before you can even start bidding, it’s important you know where an auction is going to happen. The beautiful thing about being in America is that almost in every area, there’s a storage unit auction that’s happening.

Now as a starter and a curious George in the field of storage units, you need to know how to find these places. Lucky for you, below are the most popular ways to locate storage unit auctions in your area.

1. Go online.

Almost everyone who needs information can find it online. The internet has become the number 1 source of all there is to know. So make sure you type in “storage unit auction (your location)” so that it’s a lot easier for you to find the nearest one.

Another thing you need to remember is to include the zip code so that the search results would be more accurate.

2. Check the newspaper.

More often than not, you also get to see listings of auctions in your local newspaper. But take note that not all newspapers announces auctions so try to check which ones are worth buying.

3. Ask a friend.

If you know someone who’s already active in storage unit auctions, you can ask them where the next one will transpire. Note that the same faces would come in week after week. They aren’t too friendly with newcomers so you have to hold your head high and have some confidence, not cockiness.

4. Browse directories/ yellow pages.

While everything can be found online, you can still trust prints like directories or yellow pages to tell you where auctions are being held.

Having a good amount of knowledge about storage units is one thing. Knowing where it’s going to happen is another. So ensure you’re bound for the next best place and be ready for anything.

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