Trash or Treasure: What Items Or Appliance Sales And What Items Smells

Bidding at a storage unit auctions is just a first step. The true work begins once you’ve purchased one and have to go through which ones are trash and treasure.

So here’s a simple guide you may want to consider.

Sellable Items

Below are a list of the most sellable items you can find in an auctioned unit. These are the ones you need to prioritize.

1. Appliances

The great thing about working appliances is people can’t get enough of appliance sales. If you get to find a TV, oven or stove that is in good working condition, people will pay for it.

2. Antiques

Older items tend to be rarer and therefore more valuable. Spend a half hour watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow on PBS and you will understand that antiques can be extremely expensive. Research antique auctions shop in your area to find an appraiser whose opinion you trust before going to sell antiques item you suspect are antique. For more information about finding appraisers check out our guide to finding local experts to identify items.

3. Beddings and Bed frames

People need comfort. In fact, once you get to find great beddings and bed frames, people go crazy over them.

4. Tools

Tool boxes and mint tools are also very sellable. So once you get to see these in your auctioned unit, set them aside and prep them up for selling.

Dumpster/Charity Items

Here are some of the items that wouldn’t really sell much. Therefore, consider their condition and see if they’re meant to be trashed or donated.

1. Ikea furniture

Contrary to popular belief, secondhand furniture of lower quality doesn’t sell very well. You can give it a shot, but expect to give them away.

2. Outdated text books

Give them to the junk shop and earn an extra few bucks. They’re not worth selling to anyone as editions are always updated.

3. Tube TV’s

Either throw them out or give them away if they’re still working. We’re in an age of flat screens now. No one would care about buying them

4. Clothing

As a rule of thumb, unless the article is name brand and in good condition, clothing is not worth your time to sell. The great thing is most charities will take used clothing and give you a tax write-off, so it’s not a complete loss.

So keep these tips in mind the next time you’re sorting out. You should get the best investment you can every time you buy a unit.

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