Use craft sites to find creative ways to make use of junk items

The Uses  of Crafty Websites for Junk Items

A few weeks ago we discussed finding ways to get rid of junk and touched upon refurbishing, remaking, or repurposing it. If you’re interested in turning your junk items into something useful browse crafty websites like Pinterest and Etsy. Below are some of ideas you’re sure to find beneficial.

1. Turn your old clothing to pillow cases

The beautiful thing about old clothing is that they have such boundless opportunities. This material is one of the best items you can get creative with and it won’t really cost you anything to remake them too.

An example is to make them into pillow cases. All you need to do is to measure them out, sew the pieces of clothing together and Voila! You’ve got pimped up pillows for your house! Here’s an example we’ve taken from Pinterest just to get you inspired

2. Robotize your metal scraps

When you go to your garage and storage room, you find all metals scraps lying around. They could have come from your old refrigerator of those pieces falling off from your ratty car. You know what you can do with them? Turn them into a toy robot!

This idea from Etsy got us really excited. So just before you turn your junk over to the shop, have a little fun with it. Check this metallic robot out

3. Create customized greeting cards

Christmas season is already here. Instead of going to the store and buying a new set of greeting cards, why don’t you make your own out of just, basically anything you find lying around your house.

Put all those cut up papers, pieces of buttons and other random items you may find together and use a paper as your canvass. You’d be surprised how original yours will look. Just check this greeting card we found on Etsy

So go ahead and have a little fun with your junk! Learn more about what you can do with them by browsing through these two websites.

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