Use Demographic Information Data To Find The Best Storage Unit Auctions

A lot of components are essential to finding storage units worth bidding on. You can improve your odds of getting a valuable unit by leveraging demographic information data when choosing which auctions to attend.

1. Income

One demographic data that’s very useful in detecting the best storage unit auctions around is income. With such data in a certain area, you’re able to know if the auction is worth going to or not.

Say for instance you’re in a town in Virginia. If you find that the overall income rate of people who live there is low, then you can trust the units there may not contain as many valuable items.

Of course, the higher the income in an area the better your odds of finding expensive items is (conversely, auction bids will likely be higher).  So take note just how much it is an area is earning collectively.

2. Employment rate

Another is the use of demographic data such as employment rate. If you’re looking out for the best areas with great units, then you want a place where there’s high employment rate.

A good percentage tells you that the area is prosperous. Take Los Angeles for example. Considering the place and the amount of job opportunities presented and taken there, then the items inside the units you may find could be of great value.

3. Age

This can be very helpful data for determining whether or not you’re in a good place for an auction. You’d want an age range of people working and employed. If the area has a very young demographic, then your chances of excellent storage lockers drops.

Older people have more valuable items most of the time (think antiques!). So take note of the age range carefully.

Where to find demographic data

If you’re having difficulty finding these demographics, you may want to consider looking in the following places:

Learn how to use demographics to your bidding advantage. Take note of these data for the best and most worthwhile invested unit you can have.

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