What Are Your Rights As An eBay Seller?

One of the pioneers of ecommerce is eBay. Millions of items have been sold there and new sellers sign up every day.

While they are a pinnacle in online shopping, there have been quite a few issues here and there. Sellers, for one, have often complained about a number of things that make them feel as if they’re not protected.

Below, you’ll learn more about these concerns as well as your basic rights as an eBay seller.

What are the common complains?

1. Buyer says they did not receive the items.

This is one of the most occurrences between buyers and sellers. Even if you know you sent the item, a buyer can easily claim they never received it or that they received an empty box. eBay then refunds the money to their buyer without much investigation.

2. Buyer says the quality of item is not good.

Buyers can easily tell eBay that the item they received isn’t up to the standard quality. On the part of the seller, they can say otherwise but most of the time, eBay would easily just take the side of the buyer.

3. eBay doesn’t attend to the rights of their sellers much.

More often than not, it’s the buyers that get tended to, even if the sellers did everything right. Even if sellers defend themselves as having done the right thing, they often end up refunding their sellers anyway.

What are your rights as a seller?

1. You have the right to complain.

While majority of sellers say that they are not given regard by the site, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try complaining to your buyers directly. You can contact them and ask kindly why they haven’t disclosed payments yet.

2. You have the right to open a case.

If you’ve tried to contact your buyer and you still haven’t been paid by him/her, you can now open a case in eBay’s Resolution Center. The site will help you contact the buyer but after 4 days without payment, you can close the  case and eBay will credit you the item’s final value fee.

3. You can get in touch with authorities.

Another right you have is for you to go beyond eBay and complain to the police or authorities. Others who deem the site unhelpful proceed to higher power and help them get their money back or ask for the buyer’s payment.

Selling anywhere online always poses risks. So before anything bad happens, you need to be very cautious and aware of what you can do about it.

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