What do you do when you find personal belongings (like family photos) that are neither trash or sellable?

What happens if you end up finding someone’s old family photos, tax receipts and other personal belongings in your unit? Go ahead and read below to find out.

Why does this happen?

Sometimes, previous storage unit owners owe money that they end up unable to retrieve their belongings. Sometimes, they forget about them, which gives the managers the right to sell off the items in their units.

What do you do with them?

1. Turn it over to the storage facility manager.

In cases like these, decency is the best way to deal with it. Once you see a big stack of personal photos and other belongings that may have been of the previous owner, you shouldn’t ignore it. Ensure that before you move out, contact the facilitators immediately.

These managers have contacts of the previous owners so they can be of big help in giving back these belongings to the rightful owners.

This isn’t always the case because other managers can be neglectful, which leads us to the next point.

2. Try to contact them personally.

Sure this can be a lot of work but it is the ethical thing to do. Try your best to contact the previous owners especially if there are just too many personal items in the unit. You won’t be able to sell it but you’ll earn out of the other items they had. The least you can do is to give back what’s precious to them.

These people may not have the means to go back to the unit. Be a good Samaritan and reach out. You’d be surprised what you could even get in return.

A little reaching out goes a long way. So be decent enough to make the effort in returning items that are significant to others and of really no use to you.

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