What should you do if you find firearms in your unit?

There are all sorts of items you can find in a storage unit but what do you do when you encounter firearms in your unit? Don’t get all excited. Read below for the best ways to deal with it.

1. Consult the local police department.

When you see guns in your unit, you should understand that they may or may not be legally kept there. Considering the seclusion units have, it can be a goldmine for illegal firearms.

The first thing you need to do is to consult your local police department. You need to have them come down and check if these are listed as legal or not. If they happen to exist as purely legal, then you’re in luck.

2. Talk to a local gun dealer.

If the guns are legal, then you can proceed to talking to a gun dealer in your area. You’ll be able to gauge everything you need to know about what you have. You’ll find out if your firearms are valuable or not. This will then help you price it, if it’s worth anything at all.

3. See experts.

You can also talk with collectors and other firearm experts to know just how much your guns are worth. Even if they’re not working, they can still be sellable. When you also talk to experts, you’ll learn about the limitations, restrictions and laws governing selling guns.

4. Familiarize yourself with laws.

You can’t easily sell guns anywhere. You should be aware of the laws that may limit you in selling them . For instance, you can’t sell them to minors. You also can’t sell them with ammunition as it is illegal without any legal arrangements.

Make sure you keep these things in mind when obtaining firearms in your storage unit.

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