What to Do If You Find a Car or Motorcycle in a Storage Unit?

Storage unit auctions entail surprises. There are days that bidders find regular items like furniture, toys and clothes. There are also days when bidders are lucky enough to find the strangest, if not the best items they’ve never imagined would be in a unit.

Real life accounts share that they found Aretha Franklin’s wardrobe, a set of 1,300-year old seeds and even 270 of Michael Jackson’s unreleased tracks.

The lucky ones end up finding a motorcycle or even a car. While all of us can end up jealous, there are certain measures you need to take if you do end up finding an automobile yourself. Here are some of them.

1. Get it verified.

When you find a car or motorcycle you need to get it verified in the Department of Motor Vehicles and other local registries. This is so you can be sure that the car is clean and not stolen or due to be repossessed.

2. Check back with the police.

Much like firearms and live ammunition (which have also been seen many times in units), you’ll need to double check with the police. For all you know, this car or motorcycle may have been smuggled or wanted by the cops.

So have a go at calling your local sheriffs department and verify at once.

3. See if the papers are there.

More often than not, the title documents of the automobile are kept inside of it. So if yours has a clean slate, you’ll need to check if the previous owners left the papers with your new car or motorcycle.

You’re lucky if it is because it’s going to be a lot easier to turn over the ownership.

4. Get the bonded title.

If the ownership title is not there, you can request for a bonded title under your name for about $100. This is only applicable to cars that are clear and don’t have impeding lawsuits.

So before you totally rejoice, make sure your newfound automobile isn’t going to bring you any trouble.

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