What to do when the items in your unit are broken

One of the pains of being a storage unit bidder is finding broken items. Even more a greater pain, if these are items that could’ve made you thousands of bucks richer.

This is one of the truths those reality TV series aren’t showing you. So if you’re one who’s aspiring to make long-term money in this business, we suggest you change the channel and hear us out.

How exactly do you deal with broken items? Why does this happen, apart from irresponsible tenants who left them there? Read more below to find out.

Why do these items break?

It’s a given reason that it could’ve been the previous tenants who left the items there to rot. Believe it or not, there are other factors that lead to items getting broken once a unit is sold.

1. Careless, untrained movers

Ever hired a friend to do things for you in exchange for free beer or meal? Well, this happens often in this business. Bidders hire untrained movers and they end up unable to store them properly in the truck.

2. Poor communication

There are times when the truck that was asked to transport the items ends up too small. Bidders and movers don’t have a choice that they sometimes cramp everything in, especially if they came from far away places.

What can you do with these broken items?

Not all hope is lost. There are remedies, even to broken items.

1. Have them remodeled.

A broken refrigerator can be turned to a funky vending machine. Broken televisions can be refurbished and remodeled as storage.

Understand that your business is about turning trash into cash. So take this chance to bring something new out of something old and broken.

2. Sell them to the junk shop.

If the items are really far from being saved, you can always earn a few more bucks by selling it to the junk shop for parts.

Broken items in unit happen. Sometimes we can prevent it but sometimes we can’t. All we need to do is learn how to deal with it.

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