What to Do When You Find Illegal Items in a Storage Unit

If there’s one thing that will always be full of surprises, it’s a storage unit. No matter how experienced or how much of a rookie you are, you’re most likely welcomed with something outrageous— or illegal.

So just what do you need to do when you find illegal items in your storage units? Find out below.

1. A large amount of money

When you find a big sum of money in your storage unit, call the nearest bank and notify them. It’s also considerate for you to bring the money there to report the incident.

What’s important is you have the auction receipt always with you. When the police see that you brought the money to the bank and you have your receipt with you, you no longer have to worry.

2. Firearms

Firearms can be illegal or not. For you to find out, call the sheriff’s department and give them the serial numbers of each gun. This way, they can see in their database if those are stolen guns or not.

If they’re not, then those guns are yours. Just make sure you always have the auction receipt to always save yourself from any trouble.

3. Drugs/drug paraphernalia

This is one of the most important things you need to take note of. If you find any drugs, paraphernalia or any evidence that can relate to them, don’t touch them and ask the authorities to come and have a look at them.

Always present your valid receipt so that you won’t be blamed in any way.

4. Certain electronics

There are certain electronics that can be deemed illegal if they are stolen. Once you see them in your unit, make sure to check a database of stolen goods. If you don’t register with one online, then pawn shops should be able to help.

Illegal items in storage units are a huge deal. So if you ever encounter any of these in yours, then better make sure to report them at once.

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