What to Do With Junk That Isn’t Worth the Time to Sell

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While others find the time and patience to sell their junk, some think it’s not worth their time.

Every one of us will acquire junk from our storage units, whether it’s a big old TV that’s not working anymore or a pile of clothes that have seen better days.

Whatever junk you may have, there are ways of getting rid of it if you have no desire to sell them. Here are some.

1. Refurbish/recycle/remake it!

A lot of people won’t be interested in buying your old floppy disks so why not glue them altogether and make a ball pen/pencil dispenser out of it? Your old CD’s that aren’t working can be turned into a lovely hanging ornament.

It’s no longer junk if you can do a bit of DIY and be a bit crafty about it. There are so many websites that teaches you how to recycle your old things to give them a new purpose. Plus, it’s quite therapeutic too!

All it takes is a bit of effort and creativity. Turning your junk to something new and functional again is economical so have at it.

2. Store it.

If you’re thinking of selling them but still too lazy or busy to do so, store them for a while. You’ll never know what’s going to happen. Who knows? Your junk may end up being worth the wait and storing.

Just make sure it’s kept well for security and safety issues.

3. Give it away.

Be a bit generous and give your junk away to those you think may want it. It’s the perfect application of the cliché mentioned above. Others can definitely turn your trash into their very own treasure.

Have your family and friends take a look at your junk. They may find other uses for it.

4. Donate!

If you want a tax deduction and get rid of your junk at the same time, then donate them to charity. Just make sure your items are still in somewhat working condition and someone else can still make use of it.

5. Throw it away.

If you really believe it’s junk and you have no zeal to do anything about it whatsoever, then trash it.

Instead of it taking a lot of space at home and just gathering dust, then let it go.

Maybe even the trash man can do something worthwhile about it.

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