Why Should You Invest in A Messy Storage Unit?

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, but the old adage doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to buying a storage unit. In fact, most of the time the neatly stacked items in a unit have little to no value because the tenants spent time organizing everything and taking valuable or necessary things as they went.

Buying a messy unit isn’t exactly appealing, many competing bidders tend to stay away since it promises a lot of work and it looks like there’s nothing you can get out of it. Au contraire, it’s a good move! Why?

1. It’s going to be cheap.

When the gate opens up to reveal a messy unit, you can almost guarantee that it will be inexpensive. Bidding starts lower on units like this, and most bidders will pass on the unit, since they assume there’s just too much work to be done and it doesn’t look promising. Even if there is nothing of value, the final bidding price on units like this are so cheap that you can make back the money you spent by donating the items inside for a tax break. So go against the current and bid for it.

2. These units are mostly owned by irresponsible tenants.

The #1 reason a storage unit is up for auction is that the person who put the stuff there abandoned it and stopped paying the storage company, in other words, they were irresponsible. If the unit looks far from salvation with way too many items randomly strewn about, it tells you that those who owned this were not careful with their credit and their spending.

This only means that..

3. There could be a lot of designer items hidden underneath.

Since irresponsible people could have owned these units, it only means there could be hidden treasure in it. Since they could no longer afford their lifestyle, some of the designer items and expensive stuff would be left behind.

So dig deep. Underneath those stacks of papers, old family portraits, clothes and broken items, you can end up with something other bidders would’ve wished they’ve gotten.

So give a messy unit a chance. Who knows? You can instantly be thousands of bucks richer than yesterday.

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