You’ve found designer goods in a unit, how can you tell if they are authentic?

With the amount of piracy and fake goods nowadays, sometimes it’s quite a challenge to determine if the designer goods you found are authentic. When you’re a big digger and bidder in storage unit auctions, it’s not impossible to find designer pieces inside.

Before you get excited, you need to get these pieces checked. The last thing you want is overpricing it or going too cheap when it’s original after all. So below are a few reminders you may want to consider.

1. Check the serial number.

Some heavy designer goods such as Luis Vuitton bags have serial numbers inside of them. If these are authentic bags, then you won’t have a problem double checking their serial. Note that not all original goods have serials like clothes. If they do, don’t pass up the chance to verify.

2. Check the quality.

Great designer goods give high regard to quality. This is what exactly makes them expensive and very valuable for bidders. Check the stitching, the material and all the other components of the item. If it’s supposed to be an authentic leather bag, it should be and smell like leather.

Quality check also count for the labels in the designer goods. Subtle misspellings are common. Even the placement of the logo plate matters among designer goods.

3. Consult specialty stores and experts.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an item, you should consult an expert. This is a foolproof method of determining if your item is real and authentic. The easiest way to consult an expert is to bring the item into the store (bring a Gucci jacket to a Gucci store, or a Coach purse to a Coach store). There will be specialists there who know how to determine if your item is authentic or a knockoff. These people can usually also advise you about the item, telling you about how old or what model it is, and even how much you can sell it for during these times.

Beyond the humiliation of selling a knockoff good as authentic, it is important to get a second opinion since places such as eBay have strict rules against selling counterfeit products.

Designer goods in storage units are indeed a great find. Take these steps into account to verify its authenticity.

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